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The information services portfolio will focus on establishing a real estate information and transaction management company that provides title insurance and related information services for both the residential and commercial markets.   Acquire One will offer an enhanced array of information services including property ownership mapping, automated county clerk land records, geographic information systems, property information reports, flood certificates, document preparation, background checks, and expertise in tax deferred exchanges. 

Acquire One Title Agency
Acquire One will collaborate with Stewart Information Services Corp. to establish and grow through exceptional market performance and acquisition to become a national title insurance agency with solution capabilities within all 50 states. In 2005 the title industry reported a net income of an estimated $1 Billion on $17.8 Billion of operating income (primarily title premiums).  The top five title organizations - Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Fidelity National Financial, Inc., First American Corporation, LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company – held roughly 92% of the market in 2005 with regional companies accounting for the remainder.  Minority-owned agencies have traditionally lacked the financial, technological, and intellectual capital to effectively compete in this industry niche.  A relationship with Stewart Information Services Corp. will allow Acquire One to compete in this highly competitive niche.   Acquire One has an established relationship with a Fortune 500 mortgage banker that specializes in the large commercial real estate development market.  This relationship should provide Acquire One with an opportunity to demonstrate competence while growing market share.  Furthermore, Acquire One will leverage its minority status to aggressively pursue key industry participants in the both residential and commercial business transactions including banks, real estate brokers and attorneys.  To this end, a detailed marketing and public relations strategy is being developed to promote Acquire One’s business services and its relationship with Stewart. 

Acquire One will aggressively pursue its growth through acquisition strategy while carefully establishing the most cost effective production capability within the United States.  This will be achieved by deploying standard processes that are seamlessly integrated using information technologies while maintaining a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.  Acquire One is positioned to leverage opportunities provided by Stewart Information Services and its mortgage banking partner firm.  Acquire One’s leadership will be driven by significant experience and expertise in real estate transactions and related information technologies.

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